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26 Feb 2015

A short reading from days-gone-by. It is the tale of a day out by charabanc to a series of pubs in which we hear of the antics of, amongst others, Bob the Fiddle (an absconding fellow), Mr Cadwallader (who keeps opening time better than a watch), Jenkins Loughor (keep him off economics … it cost us a plate glass window and 10 pints for the seargeant, Mr Jervis), Old O Jones and Cuthbert Johnny Fortnight.

How things used to be in Cymru!

26 Feb 2015

Synchro reads an extract from Mechthild Scheffer's book Bach Flower Therapy – Theory and Practice and discusses the use of flower essences to calm the disquiet of our inner selves.

“The action of these remedies is to raise our vibrations and open up our channels for the reception of our Spiritual Self. They cure, not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which, disease melts away as snow in the sunshine.” Edward Bach

19 Feb 2015

Live conversation with Hugh Newman – writer, explorer, antiquarian and founder of Megalithomania. In this pod we discuss some of the contents of his latest book Earth Grids – The Secret Patterns of Gaia's Sacred Sites and the conversation also touches on ancient sites from Stonehenge in England to the amazing Gobekli Tepe in Turkey.

Hugh's blog and more information about Megalithomania can be found at

19 Feb 2015

Live conversation with Brien Foerster. Brien is the assistant director of the Paracas History Museum just south of Lima and in this podcast he brings us up to date on progress towards the dna and carbon 14 tests that are due to be performed on some of the more remarkable elongated skulls housed at the museum. The conversation also touches on some of Peru's more intriguing ancient archaeological sites.

A host of fascinating and beautiful videos can be found at Brien's current website

The podcast of a more extensive conversation between Dr Rock and Brien Foerster for TNS Radio in April 2012 can be found here

12 Feb 2015

In this podcast, a recorded conversation with Juliet Carter, author of Worldbridger and The Template – a holonomic model of transcendence, about her work creating and celebrating the Template Ceremonies. The Template model links ceremony, geometry and bio-circuitry to recover humanity's resonance with the template of light and uses muscle-testing to demonstrate, after each ceremony, that where once there was weakness there is renewed strength.

More information about the Template Ceremonies can be found at

29 Jan 2015

Live conversation with fellow PIR host Jimmy Hagan regarding his unexpected encounter with policy enforcement officers. Jimmy tells us what happened when he endeavoured to manage the managers and discusses what he would consider doing differently should a similar opportunity arise further down the road.

Later in the podcast we hear from Van, a valued friend of the show and member of Dr Rock's Kitchen Posse, about his early years as a determined proponent of non-compliance

22 Jan 2015

Published literature and the internet community have for many years featured varied and detailed reports of the presence of non-terrestrial entities on Earth including tales of crashed craft, recovered technologies, personal encounters and extensive military involvement. Joanne's AMMACH project seeks to investigate and document this area of experience and to provide community and support for those involved. In this podcast we take an overview of the discoveries made by the project and discuss some AMMACH interviews and wideranging testimony which suggests that non-human beings are interested in, and active around, our home planet.

Joanne is a regular host on where her show is aired on Tuesday nights from 11pm-1am GMT. Her podcast page can be found here and the AMMACH website is

15 Jan 2015

In this podcast Dr Rock speaks about his decade-and-a-half of interest and participation in a series of ceremonies, and the connection between this material and the work he is doing on PeoplesInternetRadio. The Template Ceremonies use a combination of the spoken word and geometric form to reconnect circuits of electromagnetic energy into the human biosystem. Kinesiology is used to demonstrate both the need for, and the subsequent achievement of, this reconnection. This podcast concentrates on the foundation of the model, the Ceremony of Original Innocence, which reconnects twelve circuits associated with the classical elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether.

Further details of the Template Ceremonies can be found at and the Ceremony of Original Innocence is available to celebrate on line here.

Also in this pod an extract from Robert Anton Wilson's 'Beyond Theology – The Science of Godmanship' read by Synchro.

08 Jan 2015

Tonight on Dr Rock the latest news on the Kingdom of Germany from Karma Singh… most notably the robbery and clearance of the Kingdom's bank by Bafin, the old Germany's financial watchdog … and further live conversation with Karma about quantum biophysics, resonance, intention and luck.

01 Jan 2015

A live discussion of solutions to take forward into 2015 with Rob Freeman and PeoplesInternetRadio hosts John McC, Jimmy Hagan, Gillian Trebilcock, Pat Veldon, Vin and Stephen Roberts.

The official offer, mortgage interest, return to sender, gardening and community, refusing smart meters, use of language, sovereignty, lawfulness and legality … and much more.

25 Dec 2014

This Christmas Day show includes a pair of extracted essays from The Holographic Paradigm and Other Paradoxes as read by Dr Rock, and a recorded conversation with Serena Roney-Dougal about the work of physicist David Bohm and the uncertain nature of perceived reality.

Serena's website is and more information about David Bohm can be found here

18 Dec 2014

Optimal Gradualism is Jack's careful description of a new political philosophy for change which optimises outcomes by concentrating on satisfying identifiable needs as opposed to inflicting cost and loss. The new model requires that decisions are made in favour of benefit accrued rather than harm caused, that open participation is encouraged through recognition of merit rather than the application of coercion or force and that the current arbitrary distribution of resources is replaced by a gradually evolving sytem that satisfies a hierarchy of carefully delineated social and political needs.

11 Dec 2014

Live conversation with Pete Croll and Guy Taylor. Pete has been working alongside Guy and others in an attempt to discover whether any of the documents being used to harass the people of this land are in any way 'legitimate'. He has also been trying to get the strangely-named Ministry of Justice to tell him whether councils are required to comply with the regulations by which they are supposedly governed.

06 Nov 2014

Simon Spaniard introduces his dvd series How to Hold Corporations to Account for their Actions, Welcome to the Rabbit Hole and The Truth About Money, Banking,Loans and Credit Cards and speaks with Dr Rock about mortgages, the matrix, and the facilitation of awakening.

16 Oct 2014

Dr Rock in discussion with Synchro about the relevance of myth and story to our interpretation of the world we see and experience. The conversation refers to the ancient Cymric tale of the Birth of Taliesin and touches on the universal nature of story, its part in shaping the consciousness of humanity and how the modern use of this ancient art may be leading us away from knowledge that was once available to all.

11 Sep 2014

As elsewhere in the world, a number of people in Germany have noticed that apparent authorities are running wild, that cartels have somehow managed to gain nominal ownership of much of earth and the people who dwell here. Tonight Dr Rock plays a recording of Karma Singh's presentation from this year's Green Gathering about the new Kingdom of Germany in which it is hoped that many of the challenges arising in modern administrations might effectively be addressed and talks with him about the methods being used to manifest the new kingdom.

“One of the objectives of setting up a tax free state is so that people don't have to work until they drop, so that free time becomes available for creativity, because it's creativity that creates the wealth. If the creativity and the wealth remains with the people, once everybody is participating in the abundance instead of a tiny elite sucking it all out, then the country, the land and the planet will become healthier and happier.”

04 Sep 2014

Live conversation with Fred the Forager on animism, plant spirits and renewing our energetic relationship with the world.

28 Aug 2014

Tonight's show features extracts from a pair of talks by Fred Gillam recorded at this year's Green Gathering . Fred has plenty of astonishing things to say about recent research into the wonderful world of mushrooms … it seems that they may have the potential to provide solutions to many of the environmental and health challenges faced by people in the modern world. Towards the end of the podcast there is also an extract from Fred's talks on Plant Spirit Medicine. Fred 's website can be found at

Also in this pod there is a description of Avalon Rising's activities and arenas at the 2014 Green Gathering. Pictures to accompany this can found here

21 Aug 2014

Temach has spent several years visiting and living in communities in the isles of Albion and in Columbia. On tonight's show we hear the talk he gave at the Avalon Rising arena at this year's Green gathering. Living in Shamanic Community tells of his experiences and outlines some of the conclusions he has drawn; there is also an interview with Temach exploring some of the points raised in his presentation

31 Jul 2014

This show was broadcast live from the Avalon Rising arena at the Green Gathering. Guests include Jon Witterick, the founder of, talking about fraud and the illusion of debt, Fred Gillam on medicinal mushrooms and plant spirit medicine, Natascha Kenyon on shamanic journeying and rattle making, Nolan Thacker on conscious community living, Petra Phillipson on sound and healing, and Matt Hopwood talking about his pilgrimage in search of English love stories.

17 Jul 2014

This pod features a recorded interview with Stuart Fry. Stuart is a full time dry-stone waller whose business draws on a deep understanding and love of the land and he promotes dry-stone walling as a practical stock-proofing tool rather than as a fashionable addition to the landscape. Whenever possible he uses a horse or horse and cart to travel to work and he has a keen sense of the importance of community and a conscious commitment to keeping wealth and knowledge circulating locally. The discussion includes tales of ancient land management and of the modern administrative endeavours that have shaped the land as we see it today.

Stuart's website can be found here and he also writes Welshwaller's Blog

10 Jul 2014

Dr Rock's favourite complementary therapist, Annie Day, returns to the show to discuss the use of NLP for health and her own specialist subject, sexual and spiritual health and healing.

A podcast of Annie's recent appearance on Dr Rock can be found here Lending a Healing Hand and her website is

26 Jun 2014

On tonight's show recorded conversations with Tim Wheater and a man known as Bear. Tim is a renowned healer who teaches that sound can be used to transform fear and negativity into a positive message of peace and inner and outer love.

Bear was a soldier, martial artist and pub landlord, but now seeks the way of the peaceful warrior informed by an active interest in shamanism and the practical use of kinesiology. Dr Rock also chats with Synchro about using Edward Bach's flower essences.

12 Jun 2014

In this show Dr Rock talks live with Annie Day about her work as a complementary therapist. As well as helping her own clients Annie has worked in hospices, prisons, women's refuges, psychiatric units and with young offenders. She has also been active in introducing GP’s to the wonders of alternative methods of healing. The conversation touches upon kinesiology, reiki, detoxing, and reflexology. Possibly the most well-informed comp therapist the Dr has encountered, she is also keen to inform herself and us about the scientific backing for the therapies she uses.

Annie's website can be found at

05 Jun 2014

Conversations and music from (or inspired by) the Tan yn y Mynydd / Fire in the Mountain Festival 2014. In Part 2, a chat with security man Antony Bayliss about love, festivals, security and folk in fields. Also music from Heal the Last Stand, Sheelanagig, The John Langan Band, Kidnap Alice, Opaque, Rob Heron and the Teapad Orchestra, Cor y Gors Community Choir, Cliff Carlisle, Flatt and Scruggs, and the Fire in the Mountain Sea Shanty Choir

Tan yn y Mynydd is promoted by TwoForJoy

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