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10 Dec 2015

Dr Rock considers elements of Juliet Carter's Worldbridger Ceremony presentation which was recorded at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms on Monday, 30th November 2015. In this presentation Juliet addresses the nature of the world in which we find ourselves and how it is that recognition of the energetic and the physical as a unity is helping participants to overcome the abuse and distraction that has characterised human activity for so long.

This is the first time in 30 years of development that material has been made available in the public domain directly from Template workshops.

26 Nov 2015

The banks, acting entirely for profit and posing as stores of value, were bailed out to the tune of millions because they could not meet their obligations. Having been rescued from their own manifest failures, they continue to give no quarter to the thousands of folk who, in these profoundly difficult times, are unable to maintain the payments needed to keep their families warm, dry and sheltered. It is hard to see how such behaviour is anything less than attempted murder.

In this podcast John McCann and Dr Rock discuss a viable and working solution to this challenge which has come to be known as the Official Offer. A detailed description of this solution complete with podcasts, testimonials and examples can be found at

19 Nov 2015

Dave Willson in a wideranging discussion about alternative energy, irrigation, food and community.

29 Oct 2015

Tonight Dr Rock talks with Robert Howie-Smith, progenitor of a longstanding project which combines a PhD study of regeneration and creative community with the active reclamation of derelict spaces to create artistic opportunity for the benefit of the people. Rob now has 15 years of experience with many and varied successful creative projects to his name and is currently working to provide space for a music school in the English midlands.

Provision of creative community spaces for creative communities … what a great idea!

22 Oct 2015

Dr Rock discusses health, diagnosis, nutrition and detoxification with Clive Decarle. Over many years Clive has proven to himself, and to many others, that the symptoms and effects of many common diseases can be reversed by addressing underlying nutritional deficiencies and by reducing levels of toxicity.

In essence I study health and wellness while doctors study illness, drugs, radiation and surgery. Doctors do not study health and usually only spend half a day on the vital subject of nutrition. The benefits from vibrant good health are well-known to us all but few realise what the basic rules are and just how simple they are to follow.

As the world gets ever more complex and opaque, Clive has many refreshingly simple, accessible, cost-effective and well-tried solutions. He can be contacted via his website, has conducted many insightful interviews with leading alternative practitioners and hosts a regular show every Saturday night between 7.00pm and 9.00pm on

03 Sep 2015

In this podcast Dr Rock chats with Dave Darby of about different approaches to life, finance and organisation. is a hugely informative online resource for all who are interested in subjects as diverse as alternative building, health, politics, food and much more besides. It started life as LILI, the Low Impact Living Initiative, and is now a network of versatile and informed individuals who are seeking alternative ways to address the multiple challenges of life, living and community. We discuss some of the means by which power and wealth might become more justly and productively distributed in a sustainable and non-corporate world, ideas that are further explored in the blogs, research, references, forum and resources at

20 Aug 2015

Live conversation with Mark Windows reveals that, in a land where all are supposedly considered equal under the law, men and women are acting beyond capacity and outside that law to manufacture local concensus. The change agents aim to implement rapid, wideranging and radical local change without consultation.

More information on Mark's research can be found at

06 Aug 2015

Originally broadcast live from an oak and beech grove, and generously hosted by Pentos.T.V.

Pippa King discusses her presentation Sleepwalking into a Surveillance State, Nick Kollerstrom considers Did we Really Go to the Moon?, Jonathan Adams talks about lies and the no fit state and Greg Hallett tells us that his research into The Hidden King of England has revealed Albion's royals to be less than regal.

23 Jul 2015

Broadcast using open source software and 12v power from a field in North Wales. Dr Rock in conversation with Katie Creuynni, Steve Molyneux, Rob Buckle and a man known as Nick. Community and the sacred, words and spells, crop circles and the human factor … and a phd on the subject of an alternative knowledge base that is widely believed to comprise of nought but conspiracy theories.

16 Jul 2015

Stef Jackson and Andrea Proffitt discuss ethical beekeeping. Steve Jones ( and on establishing successful cooperative housing projects and his extensive experiences with now well-established projects at Chickenshack and the Llanfyllin Workhouse . Olly Boon of speaks about ceremony and the indigenous healing techniques of Peru.

Andrea also talks of the Craftanoons project which is spreading craft skills from around the world and helping people to rediscover their innate creativity. The Craftanoons facebook page can be found at here

09 Jul 2015

Pat Veldon discusses the nature of government and elections, constitutions and the self-governing nature of Brehon law.

Pat hosts Scotland is Free on every Monday night between 9pm and midnight. Earlier shows are available to download or listen again here.

Pat's first outing on Dr Rock's Radio Show can be found here Pat Veldon – Equity, the Construct and the Man

02 Jul 2015

Dr Rock in conversation with Unique Lee centred around some of the content of the funny and thought-provoking youtube video Government Explained.

Most people don't mind paying taxes and feel obligated to do so … it's for the good of society. Society needs government and that means we all have to pay taxes. Civilisation just couldn't survive without government.'

Lee hosts the Dark Side of the Room on every Friday night between 11pm and 1am. Earlier shows are available to download or listen again here

25 Jun 2015

Music, conversation and pictures from this year's Tan yn y Mynydd Festival in west Wales. Fire in the Mountain is a small festival which is largely set up, hosted and manned by volunteers. The farm which hosts the festival is transformed during the weeks of May each year to provide all the facilities necessary for 1500 or so people to meet, eat and dance, and to celebrate each other, fine music, good food and alternative health. A short slideshow to accompany the podcast is available here.

The podcast includes music from the Buffalo Skinners, the CC Smugglers, Ed Hicks and the Nightcaps, Kidnap Alice, the Langan Band, Mik Artistik's Egotrip, Nuala Honan, Rob Heron and the Teapad Orchestra and Screamin Miss Jackson and the Slap ya Mama Big Band.

Tan yn y Mynydd is produced and presented by

11 Jun 2015

Dr Rock in conversation with Matt and Tiff about the Forest School they have recently established outside Llandrindod Wells in Mid-Wales. Forest school is an inspirational process that offers all participants the opportunity to develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees. Matt and Tiff aim to provide a rich and varied environment in which to foster confidence, initiative, problem-solving skills, and a love of nature and community.

The Local Roots website can be found at

04 Jun 2015

'Decade after decade new governments are self-installed, and decade after decade the masses are unrepresented and fleeced by our so-called public servants and banking system. This will only end if we make a stand. A fairer system is possible if we come together and side-step the divide and conquer tactics employed by the powers that be. It's time to make history for ourselves and for future generations – will you join the Critical Mass Union?'

Dr Rock talks with Paul Giovanni, the founder of Critical Mass Radio, about his intention to unite in action and spirit a critical mass of living souls. The manifesto of the union calls for the power of choice, self-determination and self-realisation to be returned to we the people.

The full manifesto for the Critical Mass Union can be found at

21 May 2015

'A silent weapon system operates upon data obtained from a docile public by legal (but not always lawful) force. When the government is able to collect tax and seize private property without justification, it is an indication that the public is ripe for surrender and is consenting to enslavement and legal encroachment.'

Readings from and thoughts upon Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, a 'top secret' CIA training document that is believed to represent the doctrine adopted by the Bilderburg Group during its first known meeting in 1954.

The podcast includes music from The John Preston Tribute Band, Jakey Zee, Litmus, Show of Hands and Heal the Last Stand

A full copy of Silent Weapons for Quiet wars can be obtained from

14 May 2015

A detailed, entertaining and informative conversation with Chris Evans on the subject of permacultural design and practice. Chris founded the Himalayan Permaculture Centre and has over 30 years experience of applying his knowledge in mid-western Nepal. His approach encompasses the growing of food, environmental transformation, education, health matters, the creative use of local resources and the encouragement of cooperation and community. Chris also hosts volunteer events and runs courses in Herefordshire details of which can be found at

07 May 2015

Live conversation with Stuart Ferraris who practises holistic dentistry in North Wales. Stuart explains that our oral health is intimately connected with the wellbeing of the body as whole and that complementary techniques such as homoeopathy, kinesiology and cranial osteopathy can be useful adjuncts to orthodox dental care. This broader view of dentistry enables Stuart to consider approaches that can lead not only to healthier teeth but to an overall improvement in the general management of health.

Details of his dental practice can be found at

30 Apr 2015

Live conversation with Dan Nusku beginning with discussion about a home-visit from a representative of the Lancashire Police Headquarters to inform Dan that 'merely putting a balaclava on could be seen as causing fear and distress to members of the public which is a public order offence.'

Also being a vegan AND a marathon runner, animal rights and the need to be positive.

Dan's encounter with the policy enforcement officer can be found on his youtube channel as Police State UK

23 Apr 2015

The pod begins with audio from a video posted on the MMSTestimonials youtube channel called Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS and contrasts the information therein with RTE Prime Time On MMS posted on the MMS Fraud channel.

In the second half of the show Dr Rock discusses the science and effectiveness of MMS with Lori and Jimmy.

16 Apr 2015

Wide-ranging live conversation with Freemanjack. In the first hour of the show we discuss Jack's small but perfectly formed Optimum Sovereign Manifesto. By mid-show we move on to consider by what means dysfunction might be rendered obsolete through the development of a more clearly functional parallel society and the possible emergence of homo novus, a new kind of man, processes that Jack refers to as parallelism and bifurcation. For the final 45 minutes the conversation turns to the odd but scientifically well-supported idea that the whole of manifest existence arises from a small set of self-reflecting sums.

02 Apr 2015

Live conversation with Steven Thompson-Hall. Steve has been successful teaching manifestation principles for almost a decade and his book Wishing Well consistently receives enthusiastic reviews from readers. His style is firmly grounded in psychological roots with a distinct spiritual focus. His metaphysical career began with stage hypnosis in the early 90’s, but he quickly progressed as a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and by 2000 he was attending advanced meditation classes and turned his focus to spiritual growth. He is a gifted healer and teaches manifestation principles to assist people in uncovering and following their life path.

Readers' comments about Wishing Well can be found at

26 Mar 2015

Live conversation with Litmus of about life on the road in Portugal, music, inspiration, calendars, astronomy, astrology, and freeing the mind and spirit.

Also the first airplay for Litmus' new song Feeding the Machine

19 Mar 2015

A wide-ranging live conversation with Pat Veldon, host of Peoples Internet Radio's Scotland Is Free, about politics, religion, individual authority, complaints and claims, the man and the office, equity, benefits, language, letters and The Construct.

The Scotland Is Free podcast page can be found here

12 Mar 2015

A recorded conversation with Orion Martin who is developing a mobile phone app called SideKik

In 2008 a friend of Orion's was severely beaten by three police officers. After the beating was over the victim was charged with assaulting police officers and resisting arrest. He was later found guilty by a jury. After the trial Orion was considering what evidence might have encouraged the jury to reach a different decision and the idea for SideKik was born. Sidekik solves the problems of data recording and preservation as well as a lack of legal knowledge, and works to bring accountability for police misconduct by streaming information from the phone onto secure internet servers.

A youtube summary of why SideKik is necessary and how it might help can be found here

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