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29 Jul 2016

Live conversation from Saturday night of this year's Conscious Tribal Gathering. Dr Rock is rejoined by Pete Howard and his compadre, Cookie, for further discussion of their weekly Youtube Reality Chat: Nick returns to update us on the progress of his PhD investigations into the journey of the truth-seeker and those contemporary myths known commonly as 'conspiracy theories'; Louise Somerville Williams, founder member of Frack Free Somerset and No Geo Nuke Dumping, joins us later in the show and encourages a round-table discussion of the practical meaning of non-compliance.

A version of this podcast that includes the music played is available here.

28 Jul 2016

Live conversation from Thursday Night of this year's Conscious Tribal Gathering. Synchro speaks of pilgrimage, labyrinths and her recent trip to Bolivia; Dark Wolf discusses the new nuclear power station in Somerset; Sukh, a truthjuice veteran, on awakening the world; Jamie, whose Cafe V is cooking for the gathering, chats about event-catering and the rapidly increasing popularity of a meat- and dairy-free diet; and finally Pete Howard appears briefly to speak of his weekly youtube show called Reality Chat

A version of this podcast that includes the music played is available here

14 Jul 2016

Stella Berg joins Dr Rock in a lively and varied discussion about homoeopathy and related health matters. From the history of homoeopathy through the proving of remedies and diagnostic techniques, Stella describes how it is that the people's remedy has been marginalised by allopathic principles and why this is important to all of us. Young parents, developing souls, the young and the old can all learn simple, safe, relevant and important skills. All can learn to identify regularly needed resources and when and how to use them.

07 Jul 2016

Simon Spaniard and Mark Moxom of return to Dr Rock's Radio Show to discuss an insider's view of insurance. How did it all start? Are modern insurances a genuine expression of actuarial risk or simply a means of extracting resource from all human activity? How many everyday corporations might, as a result of insurance, have a beneficial interest in the failure of men and women to be happy, healthy and wealthy?

30 Jun 2016

Pete Kroll has explored at some length the fakery that passes for administration and execution of justice in Ukplc and has a special interest in Council charges, notably the Council Tax. A chance to catch up on Pete's five year personal interaction with his local council, and to hear what is transpiring as ever greater numbers of men and women endeavour to defend their homes and businesses by holding public servants to account including a recent quashing of Council Tax liability orders and associated costs in the High Court.

Pete's earlier conversations with Dr Rock can found here Pete's Council Tax and Enforcement Hearings (2011) and here Fraudulent Documents and Failure of Due Process (2014).

23 Jun 2016

Nick Hunt and Steve Wheeler discuss the Dark Mountain Project, a network of writers, artists and thinkers who have stopped believing the stories our civilisation is telling itself. In a world that is founded on stories of all kinds, the network encourages investigation of modern myths that define our idea of civilisation, and consideration of the imminent consequences of our beliefs.

Story-telling is more than mere entertainment. It is through stories that we weave reality.

16 Jun 2016

In the furore that is the Great In or Out Debate, is it EUrope that's the problem, or is it the state of government in all its manifestations? And can we trust the EU when its representatives tell us that Mr Monsanto's glyphosate 'meets all the safety requirements … and poses no unacceptable risk to human health'?

09 Jun 2016

Music, conversation and pictures celebrating this year's Fire in the Mountain Festival in West Wales. The festival is a community venture, created, presented and curated by volunteers, and is now in its 6th year. With everything needed for a perfect weekend in the countryside, and a lot else besides, Tan yn y Mynydd is a tribute to how good life and people can be. A sun-soaked, music-ridden, mutual celebration in the green pastures and dappled glades of Cymru.

Includes music from Screaming Miss Jackson and the Slap Ya Mama Big Band, Nuala Honan, The Buffalo Skinners, Mik Artistik, The Foghorn Stringband, Kidnap Alice, Heal the Last Stand and Rob Heron and the Teapad Orchestra.

The slide show that accompanies the podcast can be found here

12 Apr 2016

Dr Rock considers the state of the countryside and asks why people are voting for a land devoid of insects, birds, people and food.

Later in the show Sinewave returns to discuss identity and the deceptions practised by the world management team to obtain consent.

05 May 2016

Even political orthodoxy recognises that men and women are governed and polic(i)ed by consent. In this show Dr Rock is joined by Sinewave, a long time friend of the surgery, and self-professed former juvenile delinquent and young criminal, to discuss where and how consent is being assumed, presumed or given, and some means by which it may be successfully denied.

Return to sender, shut that door and say nothing!

28 Apr 2016

Dr Rock is currently rehearsing for this year's community 'Shakespeare' play in which he will pretend to be a pickpocket, rogue and all-round fraudster. As always, he's been pleasantly surprised to find out that, whoever the Bard(s) of Avon were, they certainly knew a thing or two about names, legalese, illusion and the pliant masses. Truth as fiction, performed all over the world for over 400 years, and unrecognised by almost all. Clever, isn't it?

21 Apr 2016

Dr Rock discusses health, education and the renewal of community with guest caller Unique Lee.

14 Apr 2016

Simon Spaniard and Mark Moxom discuss their new website . The intent of the legislative mind is to rob men and women of time, energy and cash. Simon and Mark explain some of the myriad means by which this is achieved, why it is happening and how to put a stop to it.

07 Apr 2016

In this final show with PeoplesInternetRadio Tao Winbush joins Dr Rock to talk about nine six-acre smallholdings that have been established in Pembrokeshire under the One Planet Development policy for Cymru. Lammas is an exemplar of productive low-impact community living which, over the last six years, has transformed an area of moorland pasture into a place of dwellings and thriving enterprise.

Later in the pod Pete the Hat of the One Planet Council joins the conversation to discuss the latest applications, and how the Council supports and informs prospective and existing One Planet Developers. Pete also runs an inspiring website called Grow Your Own Home which can be found here

24 Mar 2016

'People might look at you strangely if you tell them you believe that the Sun thinks and that it truly is a celestial being. Yet this was once the mindset wherever intelligent people inhabited the planet. This understanding appeared obvious at the time, though we now unthinkingly dismiss it as naively ignorant. We might think that science taught us better … but it was the Christian church that prohibited such thoughts, banning and burning those who held them, including scientists and scholars.'

Gregory Sams, cultural change agent, macrobiotic gangster and author, joins Dr Rock to talk about his books The State is Out of Date – We Can Do It Better and The Sun of gOd – Discover the Self-organising Consciousness That Underlies Everything. Top down instructions from government and religion remain the preferred methods of organising and informing people in almost all the societies of the world. Greg proposes that the self-organising systems found in nature and the cosmos provide better models for creatively sustaining our own lives and that of our home, the Earth.

17 Mar 2016

Paul Cotty joins Dr Rock to talk about contracts and especially about the substantive contractual elements contained within the, at first glance, benificent Guidelines for One Planet Development in the Open Countryside

The Guidelines state unequivocally that One Planet Developments will ' … be defined and controlled by a binding legal agreement which is reviewed and updated every five years. This should be evidenced by a management plan produced by a competent person(s). The management plan provides the contract between the One Planet Developer and the planning authority'

Can we refuse such an offer? And can a man respond? Seeking solutions.

10 Mar 2016

Several recently posted short audio clips and comments from Dr Rock. Lisa Haven talks about, and Synchro reads from, the Draft Policy Statement on Family Engagement from the Early Years to the Early Grades from the US but already appearing in Scotland and Wales; Foster Gamble on murdered holistic doctors; Simon Spaniard of reveals the secret of Our Constitutional Protection From Tyranny and the Separation of Power and Robert Sproule explains a uniquely effective individual response to tyranny (and to the financial ombudsman) in robert declares war on the legal system, part 13 – banks and verifying the debt and, finally, a brief alternative solution as Simon returns to tells us the story of the Lion and the Ostrich.

The podcast includes Feeding the Machine from Litmus of and Truth Is from Cale Sampson

25 Feb 2016

The pod starts with some audio entitled No Rational Basis for Applicability of Laws in which Marc Stevens coaxes law professor Robert Diab into stating that 'laws apply because the state says so … there is no justification by argument, evidence or reason' for this presumption.

Nik Gnomic joins Dr Rock to discuss this content in a wideranging conversation that also touches on evolution, food, farming and tools, the countryside, water and why we do the things we do.

11 Feb 2016

Where people are, sovereignty is. Can men and women exercise the powers and rights inherent from birth, or have we to beg for all that is rightfully ours? Dr Rock in conversation with Scotland is Free's Pat Veldon in search of real law and actual justice.

04 Feb 2016

Joanne Summerscales discusses forensic dowsing and her latest field trip with the Biolocation Team investigating a brand new way of perceiving and functioning.

Biolocation is described as an effective method of analysis based on a robust scientific model of a human magnetic sensory system.

The energies sensed are diamagnetism and paramagnetism that, between them, create a complex environment containing enormous amounts of information. The sensing of these fields triggers muscle reflexes that can be conditioned to identify, locate and interpret magnetic fields.

21 Jan 2016

Electric suns, hollow planets and a self-generating cosmos - further investigation of jack's predictive theory of electrobiology as applied to plants, and of the implied resonant, holographic and electric structure of everything else.

What is missing from modern scientific theory? Does ether exist? Is conscious investigation of the mysteries of life creating and projecting structures that can subsequently be studied?

This podcast is also available with explanatory animated illustrations on Freemanjack's youtube channel Electrobiology Q and A

14 Jan 2016

Frank Gundry-White talks about his work at Yorkely Court Community Farm in the Forest of Dean, and with the Land Worker's Alliance which is an association of people who make their livelihoods producing food, fuel and fibre using sustainable methods. Frank explains that such an organisation is necessary to share knowledge, skills and new ideas as well as to resist policies and traditions that distribute land unfairly and deprive small-scale primary producers of resource and support. The LWA is part of La Via Campesina which addresses such challenges world-wide and claims a global membership of 200 million country folk.

07 Jan 2016

A conversation with Tove Gambetta exploring the importance of trees to the environment, health and to the human psyche. Tove is sharing a message of harmony and transformation that she has learned by studying and spending time with trees. She recommends self-responsibility and equality of energy exchange as precepts to help rebalance the world and her people.

Details of Tove's e-books Fybromyalgia Recovery, What the Trees Told Me and Humanity's Real History can be found here.

31 Dec 2015

Freemanjack in conversation with Dr Rock and endeavouring to unify various radical theories from cellular automata and the dawn of everything, through electro-biology, to cosmology and the electric universe. Jack's mission is to investigate and explain aspects of the natural world that are universally observed but inadequately rationalised … the result is a new world order of a wholy different kind.

This podcast is also available with explanatory animated illustrations on Freemanjack's youtube channel Electricity, the Universe and Everything Animation

17 Dec 2015

Dr Rock chats with Steve Jones from the Dragon's housing Cooperative in North Wales about permaculture and co-ops. Steve speaks of creating opportunities through interaction with each other, the land and the wider environment and of different ways of owning and managing property. He is a founder member of the now well-established Chickenshack mutual housing co-op and has extensive experience in the theory and practical application of permacultural design principles.

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