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These are .mp3 files, containing all the talking (but not the tunes played) in the internet broadcasts.

They are listed here in reverse chronological order, i.e. most recent first.
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Please note: The views expressed by individual guests are theirs alone.


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Charlie Veitch Debate, pt1 (not currently online - may be available on request)
28 Jul 2011

This podcast contains an extensive debate in which Charlie Veitch discusses his change of mind regarding the great going-away of buildings in New York on September 11th 2001 with a group of interested people in the Revolution Bunker at the Secret Garden Party.

This was a lively, impassioned and well-fuelled debate and, whilst some of the language may offend the easily offended, it was an interesting performance by all concerned.

07 Jul 2011

Tonight's guest on Dr Rock's Radio Show is a man known simply as Pete. He takes us through his recent hearing on the subject of non-payment of Council Tax. Much of interest is revealed in a conversation with Nickm that touches on many things but most notably on the Statutory Declarations Act, 1835, concerning the legality or otherwise of Oaths, Magna Carta and the Baron's Petition, and a rare discussion of some of the reasons we might have for choosing to attend court.

Pete got a 2-for-1 deal from the local magistrates, and the latter part of the show tells of his follow-on Enforcement Hearing for non-payment after allegedly failing to wear a seat belt in his conveyance of choice. Quite a tale in itself, as it turns out.

As usual it's all a lot more fun than you might expect, and Pete will hopefully be available to take questions later in the show.

30 Jun 2011

Between Beltane and the Summer Solstice in 2008 a group of men and women walked, danced and sang their way from the tip of Cornwall to Hopton on the east coast of England. Inspired by the work of Hamish Miller and John Michell, this journey is described here by the Synchro Sister who was one of the nine who walked the whole 500+ miles.

An uplifting tale of mission, community and bountiful meetings.

23 Jun 2011

Until he discovered he'd been using the wrong dictionary, the Spaniard was a retail banker, mortgage broker and occasional collector of debts. In this discussion the Dr Rock Radio Show finds out what he did next...

23 Jun 2011

Mike the Money Man talks about fraudulent economy and the illusion of money. This is a gentle and informative introduction to the pseudo-economics that underlie the administrative state.

16 Jun 2011

The larger part of the show features Dave from Liverpool telling of the day that 4 policemen, 2 locksmiths, and the Meter Man failed to install pre-payment meters in his place of shelter. This is a ripping yarn and a 5 star performance from Dave.

Later in the show, Litmus describes the life of a free man paying minimal tax, driving an unregistered camper van and busking for cheese. Litmus has succeeded in gaining official recognition of his non-participation and the new plates for his conveyance say NoTax4War.

09 Jun 2011

Helen and Keith from TruthJuice West-Wales discuss the resistance to an imminent cull of badgers in West-Wales. They also tell of a friend who was obliged to pay an on-the-spot parking fine and was subsequently subjected to a month of psychiatric care and an attempt to have her sectioned.

Mark Foster talks about the role of dowsing in aiding our investigation of the world beyond our 5 senses. In a world where all is clearly not as it seems, the ability to identify the true nature of our energetic surroundings becomes ever more important.

NickM remembers Stonehenge and the end of free festivals in the UK.

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