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06 Sep 2012

Dr Rock talking with Commonly Known as Dom about his recent activities, processes that work, those that don't and how to tell the difference.

06 Sep 2012

Live conversation with Michael of the Albiones. We discuss 11.2 million mortgages in the UK that are demonstrably void in law, and the refusal of the court system to enforce section 2 of the 1989 law of property with regard to a large representative action on behalf of mortgage holders. We also chat about the Universal Community Trust and the progress being made in the creation of a community trade network based on the commitment of sweat equity.

30 Aug 2012

Permaculture is fundamentally a system that seeks to use the power of the human brain applied to design to replace human brawn and fossil fuel energy and the pollution that goes with it. In using such design systems permaculturalists aspire not only to a permanent and sustainable agriculture, but also to a permanent and sustainable culture.

Tonight's show features a recorded conversation between Nickm and Roz Brown, founder of the Mid-Wales Permaculture Network at Roz talks about her exploration of permaculture on an umpromising but beautiful site in the heart of Mid-Wales and some of the principles that underlie a systematic re-evaluation of the way modern humans interact with their environment.

23 Aug 2012

The first part of this show is a recorded conversation between Nickm and Mel Cardwell of about seeking healing herbs in the wild and the traditional uses of several common countryside plants. Later in the show Mel joins Nickm live to chat about first aid using ingredients found in the kitchen. Finally the Synchro Sister will be highlighting some of the principles of foraging for wild food and what we might find to eat in the late summer hedgerow.

09 Aug 2012

A live chat tonight between Nickm and Karen who has spent her working life in both private and nhs hospitals. We'll talk about Karen's training and qualification in 1985, her time at Kings College Hospital in London and at Sellyoak in Birmingham. As, over the years, resource became ever more limited and the hospitals were continuously restructured, it became ever more difficult for the people within the system to adhere to the procedures that had been designed to ensure the safety of patients and staff. Stress, sickness and the demands of the task in hand led eventually to a protracted tribunal hearing for constructive dismissal and a further continuation of the failure of due process to achieve a fair and safe outcome.

02 Aug 2012

Live conversations from the Green Gathering 2012, with John Byde & Noel Squibbs on Victor Schauberger, energising water and levity bubbles; Joh Witterick on debt and getting out of it; Shaun Kirwan talking about dowsing, geomancy and earth healing; Nolan Thacker muses on Tesla, charge and ether physics; and Darren Deojee on building community.

Claire Montanaro (not currently online - may be available on request)
12 Jul 2012

This pod features a second recorded conversation with Claire Montanaro of The subjects covered this week include Claire's ideas on what the ego is, and how to begin healing our responses to the seeming demands of the world around us. There is also a discussion about some universal principles or laws which overlay and reflect the laws and principles being enacted below.

Claire's previous conversation with Dr Rock (DR podcast #39) can be found here.

05 Jul 2012

Tonight's show is centred around a recorded conversation with Patrick concerning the management style and attitudes of the team that run his son's local school. 10 years ago the then vice-principal was an eloquent supporter of the removal of the requirement for a school uniform. At present the same individual, now the school's principal, is abusing process, parents and children in an attempt to force the pupils once again to adopt a uniform style of dress. Touching on many aspects of how schools are run this quiet and reasoned interview will surely call to mind the stealthy hand of Common Purpose and the manipulation by management of all aspects of due process.

17 May 2012

A pre-recorded show featuring an introduction to, and a short interview with, Dr Rupert Sheldrake (Author of A New Science of Life and The Science Delusion, ). Also an extract from a dialogue between Dr Sheldrake and Dr Bruce Lipton (Author of The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution, ), and a discussion of matters arising between Mr Curative, Nickm and Myddrin.

26 Apr 2012

Live conversation with Brien Foerster of about his investigations into pre-Inca cultures and the Sacred Valley of Peru, the many strange stone artefacts of Tiahuanaco, and the statues on Easter Island. Brien is assistant director of the Paracas History Museum which has an extensive collection of different types of elongated skull identified as being evidence of the ancient Peruvian Paracas culture and is working closely with Lloyd Pie to establish the precise nature of these remains.

12 Apr 2012

This week Nickm talks live with Grayling Barraclough about his documentary 'The System'. The film is in a series of episodes and examines in detail the failings of the current corporate management of the UK, the people who are resisting that management and some of the solutions that are being offered.

05 Apr 2012

This show features a recorded conversation between Guy Taylor and Nickm recalling some of Guy's recent court experiences, thoughts on the nature of the judicial system and the reawakening of the people.

Claire Montanaro - Spirit and Matter (not currently online - may be available on request)
22 Mar 2012

This podcast is a recorded conversation between Nickm and Claire Montanaro about the nature of the human mission on Earth. Claire's book, Spiritual Wisdom, clarifies and explains many aspects of what it is to be a spiritual being in the material world and her blog carries compassionate comment on world events at Her ideas encourage a hope and confidence of individual spirit that can only be helpful.

In this conversation we talk about the current earth changes, the use and abuse of power, the re-establishment of community and an awakening intent to learn about love and compassion. In a world of seeming chaos, it is perhaps useful to remember that teachers of the perennial wisdom have insisted that to give and receive love in all that we do is one of the keys to our transformation. This is an investigation of how this information may be useful to us in our everyday lives.

Ancient Cultures and The Sun (not currently online - may be available on request)
08 Mar 2012

After last week's look at the 'official' story of the Greek bailout, this podcast includes a re-appraisal of the Greek situation in terms of its true nature as corporate state enforcing statute law on its unwilling citizens, and of the EU as a corporate superstate enforcing statute law on the state of Greece. There will also be a recorded interview with Victoria in Athens in which we talk about the solutions being enacted by the Greek people and the responses of their government to those solutions. Further to these thoughts there will be an item on heliognosis, ancient cultures and the importance of the sun at this particular time.

Greek Bailout (not currently online - may be available on request)
01 Mar 2012

This podcast investigates the 2nd Greek bailout package. It is an in depth examination of current happenings in Greece and the abomination that is being presented as a rescue package. The revelations made come from a variety of media sources and personal correspondence with some of those involved on the ground. Devastating information, a truly shocking state. Tell your friends.

23 Feb 2012

A recorded conversation between Nickm and Frank Willis. Frank is a regular speaker on the subject of the alien presence on Earth and the conversation touches on Frank's time in the Rhodesian Army, his interest in martial arts and human origins, and some always useful tips on dealing with a system which is bent on costing us time and charging us money.

Dom and Bill Maloney, hosted by Dr Rock (not currently online - may be available on request)
27 Jan 2012

The man popularly known as Dom in conversation with Bill Maloney of Subjects include the Occupy movement, Bill's work to expose institutional paedophilia and his campaign to become Mayor of London.

26 Jan 2012

This podcast features Nickm in conversation with Robb Ryder about his investigative journey into Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England and his attempts to comprehend what lies behind today's administrative systems. The discussion examines especially the established methods for pursuit of remedies under the common law, the nature of the several species of courts of justice and how their methods relate one to another. This is a chance to hear a general discussion of the procedures which are supposedly still available to us in this modern age, though even in Blackstone's time they were recognised as 'dormant and out of use', and how far we have moved from the rights established by our forebears.

Mike, Chris, Tony. (not currently online - may be available on request)
19 Jan 2012

Featured this podcast are some initial thoughts on Mike Dobson's recent conviction for "possession only" of material alleged to be of potential use for the perpetration of terrorist acts. Also a conversation with Chris about his 6 year battle with Social Services to get his children out of care. The final part of the show is a chat with Tony about the operating system he's built for the use children between the ages of 3 and 11 and how some hackers are engaging with the challenge presented by paedophiles on the internet.

05 Jan 2012

In the first part of this podcast Nickm talks with Rob Fry about his research into We Are Change, Democracy Village and the 'activists' who, it seems, are interfering with the free development and finances of the London Occupy movement and the Bank of Ideas (ltd). This is first class material and provides a detailed and informed background to the investigations currently being carried out by the man popularly known as Dom.

In the second part of the podcast Dom continues his own revelations concerning the management, structure and funding of Occupy and the apparent involvement of the shadowy Tavistock Institute who are running dream therapy workshops in the building being used by the Bank of Ideas (Ltd). Dom is accompanied by a small team who have successfully made a video of the proceedings at a Bank of Ideas general assembly meeting.

15 Dec 2011

Thoughts and live guests from the November Lawful Solutions gathering in Manchester. A collection of interviews covering subject matter as varied as the latest discoveries on the nature of council tax enforcement and documentation, the CSA, the Peoples Public Trust, the liberation of buildings and much more.

OOTO Freeman Forum 2011 (not currently online - may be available on request)
24 Nov 2011

This show features a freeman forum recorded in an arena hosted by Avalon Rising and the Auriga Mysteries School at this year's Out of the Ordinary Festival including input from Michael of Bernicia of , Litmus of , the entity popularly known as Dom, Michael of Elmet and many more besides. Lively and informed discussion on matters lawful and otherwise.

Occupy Bristol (not currently online - may be available on request)
17 Nov 2011

Live interviews and conversations with some of the people camping on church ground between the cathedral and the council buildings in Bristol, and with visitors to the site.

Freeman Forum at the Green Gathering 2011 (not currently online - may be available on request)
18 Aug 2011

A Freeman Forum recorded at the Green Gathering's Avalon Rising arena 2011, and featuring conversations about where benefits of taxation may lie, the electricity supply, promissory notes, return for cause, who 'they' are, Codex Alimentarius and the advertising standards authority, and the relevance of EU legislation to a country with a largely unwritten constitution. Participants include Michael of Bernicia, Nolan Thacker, Darren Deojee, Jonathan Evans, Nickm and even a supporter of the banking system. This is a two-and-a-half hour podful of sustained and informed data.

Charlie Veitch Debate, pt2 (not currently online - may be available on request)
04 Aug 2011

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