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These are .mp3 files, containing all the talking (but not the tunes played) in the internet broadcasts.

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22 Aug 2013

A conversation with Santos Bonacci about astrotheology, astrology, syncretism and the perfection of now.

Recorded at the first night of the TruthJuice Gathering 2013.

22 Aug 2013

A conversation with Lawrence Main on walking the land, hunting Leys and dreaming in ancient places. Lawrence produces the quarterly newsletter of the network of Ley Hunters and is author of Camlan: King Arthur's Last Battle.

Recorded at the first night of the TruthJuice Gathering 2013.

15 Aug 2013
97_ogham runes.jpg

The first part of this podcast is a conversation recorded at the Green gathering between Fred Gillam and Synchro about trees, intuition and ogham divination. Also from the Green Gathering, Dr Rock talks telluric currents, ancient machines and the power of stone with Steve Duross. Finally the Dr and Synchro discuss the current status of the bridleways and footpaths that join communities across the land.

Also music from Kidnap Alice. The Jar Family and Dexter Dextrous and his Fingersmiths

01 Aug 2013

Live conversation from the Green Gathering 2013 featuring

Steve Duross on stones, dowsing, telluric currents and leys;Shaun Kirwan on geopathic stress, consciousness, health and nature spirits;John Witterick, Mark Windows, Nolan Thacker and Lucy Wyatt on the Heart of the East Gathering, preparing for community and the Bilderberg Fringe. Lucy also talks about a counter-cultural perspective on the ancient history of civilisation, the Knights Templar and masons. Also Noel Squibb on healing, orgone rangers and the environment agency.

This pod opens with Demons by the John Langan Band from their cd Bones of Contention

27 Jun 2013

Part 2 of Dr Rock's conversation with Litmus. Project Break Free includes a proposal for a new community calendar and encourages us to break free from the control of consciousness by clocks, calendars and constellations. Also a chat about busking and the Troubadour Community Trust

(The slides that accompany part 2 of the podcast can be found here)

27 Jun 2013

Dr Rock in conversation with Litmus of about his most recent presentations, Serf to Self and Project Break Free. Serf to Self is an exploration of the freeing of mind and body from the vestiges of legislative control.

(The slides that accompany part 1 of the podcast can be found here)

06 Jun 2013

In part 3 more music from Rob Heron and the Teapad Orchestra, Kidnap Alice, Heal the Last Stand, the John Langan Band and, finally, Sheelanagig recorded live on the main stage at Fire in the Mountain. Also an interview with Tan yn y Mynydd's head of security, Anthony Bayliss.

Link to slide show available soon

06 Jun 2013

In part 2 more music from the John Langan Band, Kidnap Alice, Rob Heron and the Teapad Orchestra and Heal the Last Stand. Also featured are Ed Hicks and the Night Caps and Santa Mozzarella both performing on the Owls World stage and recorded live at Tan yn y Mynydd. Also an interview with Marc Foster about his steambasket-powered, stream-mounted sauna.

Link to slide show available soon

06 Jun 2013

This second anniversary edition of Dr Rock's Radio Show features sounds, interviews, images and comment from Tan yn y Mynydd, the 2013 Fire in the Mountain Festival - three days of kicking music, bright sunshine, food, beer and extraordinary human beings being human.

The podcast is in three parts each of which includes interview and comment, most of the music is from artists who performed at the festival.

Part 1 Features the music of Sheelanagig, Kidnap Alice, The John Langan Band, Heal the Last Stand and Rob Heron and the Teapad Orchestra. Also a chat about ceremony and the seven directions with Katie Creuynni.

Link to slide show available soon

19 May 2012

Dr Rock standing in for Vin with thoughts on change, growth and righteous jurisdiction on the weekend that TNS passed beyond the veil.

Reality and the Extended mind, and Science Set Free (not currently online - may be available on request)
04 Apr 2013

In the first part of this podcast Dr Rock describes and comments on Adrian Nelson's presentation on Youtube, Reality and the Extended Mind. The video investigates growing evidence supporting the existence of psi phenomena, described as 'anomalous properties associated with consciousness unanticipated by widely accepted modern theories'.

In the second part of the pod Science Set Free, a presentation by Rupert Sheldrake recorded at the Electric Universe Conference 2013, is played and some key points considered.

28 Mar 2013

This pod examines what Immanuel Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision made of the biblical plagues of Exodus, and at some of the commentary on this subject extant in the dark ages; also the latest theory of an electric universe from the ThunderBolts Project, much as imagined by Worlds in Collision, and ancient rock art that appears to be intimately associated with recent discoveries made in the laboratories of plasma physicists; the true nature of comets also comes under the spotlight; and finally a return to the strange subject of dis-associative and sublimated behaviour in humans.

21 Mar 2013

Is Private Eye's recent claim that “Satanic abuse was debunked as a myth by a government-funded enquiry as long ago as 1994. Since then no physical, forensic corroborating evidence has been produced anywhere in the world to substantiate the existence of Satanic ritual abuse...” in any sense correct? If true, why do such pernicious rumours persist and, if false, why did an enquiry, seemingly, discover nothing? Where does 'history' become 'myth'?

The first part of this podcast looks, through the testimony of an ex-FBI chief, Ted Gunderson, at the disturbing world of ritual abuse of children and also at the trauma-based mind control demonstrably being used by the entertainment industry to entrain both its stars and their audiences.

Later in the pod, through the work of Immanuel Velikovsky, a wider world of control is discovered, a world in which circumscription of information brings entire fields of both faith and science into question, and a world in which the attention, focus and resources of generations have been misdirected.

07 Mar 2013

Dr Rock in recorded conversation with Janet and Penny who have recently returned from a visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territory. According to a report from the Human Rights Council "the rights [of Palestinians] to freedom of self-determination, non-discrimination, freedom of movement, equality, due process, fair trial, not to be arbitrarily detained, liberty and security of person, freedom of expression, freedom to access places of worship, education, water, housing, adequate standard of living, property, access to natural resources and effective remedy are being violated consistently and on a daily basis."

Janet and Penny give us a rare glimpse of what life is like on the ground in this most oppressive of environments.

31 Jan 2013

A live Skype chat with Simon Spaniard of White Rabbit Education regarding his extensive challenge of the entire financial system, and his impending criminal prosecution of a bank for fraud and theft of negotiable instruments. Also, consideration of a recent decision by the Ministry of Justice to scrap the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Panel a mere four years after its inception.

24 Jan 2013

Cannabis has been associated with human settlements since the Old Stone Age. Nowadays even to be in the presence of the plant is deemed to be a criminal offence. In this pod Dr Rock talks with Ian of the Gwynedd Cannabis Club.

What is a cannabis club? Why is cannabis illegal and what harm does it cause? Does prohibition work and, were it not for prohibition, might humanity find uses for what appears to be a highly versatile plant and medicine? How does a massive underground market survive whilst remaining illegal?

17 Jan 2013

Dr Rock plays and comments on Professor Duane's presentation on Youtube, Don't Talk to the Police Under Any Circumstances. Professor Duane, a former criminal defence attorney, delivers a detailed and entertaining presentation on our right to remain silent. Afterwards, Officer Brooks, a police officer of 28 years experience, describes what techniques might be used should individuals consent to converse.

Also, why don't the fast asleople believe a word the new media says? In an extract from 911: Explosive Evidence, psychologists talk of the shattering effects that arise when cherished truths are challenged.

10 Jan 2013

In this podcast, Dr Rock presents an overview of a tandem of theories from Karl Pribram (Stanford) and David Bohm (University of London) that appear to account for all transcendental experience, paranormal events and even “normal” perceptual oddities.

Between them they assert that that our brains mathematically construct “concrete” reality by interpreting frequencies from another dimension, a realm of meaningful, patterned primary reality that transcends time and space; and that apprehension of the true nature of our relations with the manifest world has the potential, in itself, to change the way that world arises.

03 Jan 2013

On Dr Rock tonight a 90 minute recorded conversation with Guy Taylor about challenging civil authority by making clear, in each case, the fraud that inevitably underlies whichever piece of administration is being applied. We hear the latest news on claims by British Gas that their electricity has been illegally extracted, and Guy's mounting evidence that British Gas are not only guilty of theft but are also engaged in criminal fraud.

Guy also talks in detail about his current engagement with Barclays who have been trying to sell private buildings to which they have no title as settlement for a loan that was never taken out.

20 Dec 2012

Danny Allen discusses his encounter with a tv license man one Sunday morning. The visitor was accompanied by a pair of policemen, what they believed to be a warrant, and a remarkably persistent and determined enforcer from Capita. It appears that much resource was committed on no evidence for little gain to anyone... but with well over 33,000 views in a couple of weeks, it's been wonderfully popular on Youtube.

The audio from Danny's film of the encounter is used as part of this podcast. The full experience can be enjoyed on his Youtube channel here.

13 Dec 2012

According to some sources, rhesus negative blood contains a higher proportion of copper than positive blood-types, cannot be cloned, is resistant to HIV aids and can be the cause of difficulties with the gestation and birth of babies. On tonight's show Dr Rock discusses the origins, effects and characteristics of this blood group with Gill who, along with her mother and daughter, is RH negative. Also a conversation with Sophie, who is rhesus negative and recently became a mother for the first time, about the information and treatment that was made available to her. (This conversation was first broadcast December 20th, 2012).

Wolfpaw Tipi Village: Talking Community (not currently online - may be available on request)
15 Nov 2012

This show is a round table discussion featuring several of the varied individuals currently living at Bodenham Manor. We talk about how and why people came to the Manor, what has been achieved so far, and the dreams and ideals to be made manifest. This is Dr Rock's first experiment with live community radio and will concentrate on the folks who have built, and are living in, the tipis collectively known as the Wolfpaw Tipi Village:

08 Nov 2012

This pod features a Skype conversation with Simon Spaniard of the White Rabbit Education Group. Some years ago, after 17 years of working as a retail banker and mortgage broker, the Spaniard discovered that the financial establishment, and all its instruments, institutions and practises was fundamentally fraudulent. (A podcast of this earlier conversation can be found here.)

In this pod we hear what happened during Simon's recent visit to the local policy enforcement centre to report himself for fraud and misrepresentation whilst operating as a bank employee and mortgage broker.

We'll also hear how Santander's Executive Complaints Team are facing up to Simon's discovery that the terms and conditions accompanying their mortgages included giving an inrrevocable power of attorney to the corporation by executing the mortgage deed. This enables Santander to create commercial instruments for which mortgagees are liable, secured on the mortgaged property and without the knowledge of their clients.

04 Oct 2012

In this recorded conversation between Dr Rock and Truthjuice Dave we hear about Dave's continuing challenge to the corporation responsible for the energy supply to his home, about his ongoing challenge to the courts regarding an alleged traffic offence and what happened when he tried to deposit his family's birth, marriage and death certificates with the Treasury.

Killing Badgers: Green and Pleasant Land? (not currently online - may be available on request)
20 Sep 2012

A closer look this week at the apparently bizarre plan to begin yet another trial cull of badgers, this time in the land known as England. A 20 minute excerpt from the very first Dr Rock show gives some background to the current policy in a conversation with Keith and Helen from Truthjuice West Wales. There is also a recorded conversation with Jay from about the different approach being used for, and planned resistance to, the proposed English cull. More news and links at

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