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These are .mp3 files, containing all the talking (but not the tunes played) in the internet broadcasts.

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05 Jun 2014

Conversations and music from (or inspired by) the Tan yn y Mynydd / Fire in the Mountain Festival 2014. In part 1 a chat with John Preston and Carol Hunter of the John Preston Tribute Band and Jed from the Aberystwyth Recycling Centre. Also music from , Sheelanagig, The John Preston Tribute Band, Kidnap Alice, Dark Patrick, Opaque, The Bristol Afrobeat Project, Jakey Z, Rob Heron and the Teapad Orchestra and the Fire in the Mountain Sea Shanty Choir

Tan yn y Mynydd is promoted by TwoForJoy

15 May 2014

A recorded conversation with Karma Singh about healing, his latest book The Anatomy of Luck - A Course in the Practical Application of Quantum Physics, and the largely un-remarked transition of Germany from a ghost-state into a kingdom-without-a-king. There is also a recorded conversation between Karma and Juliette Cotter of about her astonishing sprays and essences for the clearing of space and lifting of spirits.

Karma Singh's websites can be accessed from

10 Apr 2014

Live conversation with Libby Lawes - ex-supermodel and now dj, broadcaster, chocolate-maker and mother-of-two - about children, education, community, music and resisting the no fit state.

27 Mar 2014

Conversation about calendars, language, law, romans ... and realignment with nature. Recorded live with Litmus of and Synchro.

20 Mar 2014

This podcast features a recorded conversation between Dr Rock and Tony, a.k.a Computathugz, and his friend Christian Helm. Tony’s special interest for several years has been the protection of children from predatory adults though he’s active in many ways both on the internet and in meet-space. We discuss Tony's development of his own teaching style with the children of Bali and Thailand, and Christian's project to deliver and distribute direct aid to the Philippines.

In passing the conversation also touches, amongst other things, on money, law, charities, control, facebook, education, corruption, and cancer care and pharmaceuticals. Later in the show we are joined by Christian with a personal perspective on direct action aid at home and abroad.

20 Feb 2014

Dr Rock talks with Dunk from Glastonbury's Chocolate Love Temple about the benefits of wholesome chocolate, raw foods, juices and drinks, medicinal mushrooms, grow your own pro-biotics, zeolites, and water.

This podcast also includes from Youtube Cale Sampson's clear and comprehensive rap Truth Is', Josey Outlaw asking Who Owns You? and a tune from Litmus at,'(It Doesn't Have To Be Like This) No More'.

13 Feb 2014

In the western world we are taught that we are in some sense separate from the cosmos in which we live, that the waking world is objective and real, and that dreams are subjective and merely of the imagination. In this show Dr Rock talks with Daniel Stone about a more ancient and still widespread view that our waking dreams are as real as those we have when sleeping, and that the potential of the human mind is no less than the potential of the dreamers of the universe. We talk of perception, shamans, elements, stones, animals, humans and stars.

Daniel's book, The Dreamer Who Dreams You (The Shaman, the Buddha and the Conscious Dream), is published by Axis Mundo publishing, and is at once an entrancing and practical introduction to this ancient way of seeing and investigating the world. More information about his work can be found at

06 Feb 2014

Dr Rock's third conversation with Rob Freeman of following up on our discussions when Rob visited the show on the 16th and 30th January this year. Podcasts of these are available below.

Subjects touched upon include but are not limited to... captivity and duress; mortgage papers; power of attorney; incompetence and total tacit procuration; statutory citizenship; is there law?; the People's Mandate

30 Jan 2014

A second conversation with Rob Freeman of following up on the subjects discussed when Rob visited the show on the 16th January this year. On the menu this time more experiences with police, police stations and courts; your car - a carriage, a marine vehicle or a consumer good?; to plea or not to plea?; bail and denial of jurisdiction; and breaking news about the potential power of the birth certificate.

"No Begging or Pleading by the Gracious Ordinance Of The Honourable Lords Of The Royal Courts Of Justice. London, England 1871" .... sound advice from those who know found on a pub wall in Glastonbury.

23 Jan 2014

Dr Rock considers the role of peacefulness, compassion and respect in our communications with each other.

16 Jan 2014
A conversation with Rob Freeman of discussion includes much usable information on the power of intent, courts, trusts and vehicle de-registration. We also discuss Rob’s well-formed ideas for a people’s mandate to address epidemic fraud and corruption, and why he changed the name of his regular Critical Mass show from Out of the Matrix to Into The Light.
09 Jan 2014

science, journalism, homoeopathy, water and cancer treatment. Dr Rock considers the content of a special edition of the magazine What Doctors Don't Tell You and reaction to the publication from the scientific and medical establishment.

The website for What Doctors Don't Tell You can be found at

12 Dec 2013

A further conversation with TruthJuice Dave updating research and actions arising since we last spoke in August of this year. Dave talks about his endeavours to wrest control of his vehicle from the DVLA and resistance to an offer of contract attempting to raise the age at which his pension is due to be paid. There are also further thoughts on Bills currently before the House, on manorial courts and council tax, and on men, humans, inhabitants and citizens.

A call from the deepest recesses of the rabbit hole … knowledge is nothing without action, and the time for action is upon us.

05 Dec 2013

In the first part of the podcast Dr Rock plays some remarkable excerpts from Intention Media's film Water – the Great Mystery in which scientists from around the world consider some of water's most astonishing characteristics. Thereafter the Dr is joined by Julie Rocka to discuss geomancy, the importance of water, the differences between various sources of this miraculous substance and methods by which we can improve the water we drink.

28 Nov 2013

A conversation with Sunbird, the moving spirit behind Eartheart, the Tribal Love Cooperative and the Unity Gatherings.

TLC is a crew of vibrant individuals who are seeking with open hearts to overcome the challenges associated with access to land for productive use by the people. The Dr and Sunbird will be discussing the history of the project, the intent behind the cooperative's newly minted currency, the Earthpound, his mission to find just the right water for a perfect cup of tea and his plans to empower projects and people in the greener, wider world.

14 Nov 2013

A recorded conversation with Serena Roney-Dougal on telepathy, clairvoyance and remote viewing, precognition, psychokinesis, and our very own on-board DMT production unit, the pineal gland. Serena has a PhD in parapsychology and is the author of two books, 'Where Science and Magic Meet' and 'The Faery Faith – an Integration of Science with Spirit'.

'Some physicists have suggested that 'will' and 'consciousness' are the hidden variables determining outcomes. In other words it is the will and consciousness of the observer which creates the reality that is observed. How's that for a world-view by which to live your life – and is there any actual difference between this and a magical philosophy?'

07 Nov 2013

Dr Rock talks with Synchro about meditation, dreaming and her work with Daniel Stone at the Centre of the Conscious Dream in Mexico. We use the early chapters of Daniel's book 'The Dreamer Who Dreams You – the Shaman, the Buddha and the Conscious Dream' as a source of reference for this discussion.

Daniel Stone's website is

10 Oct 2013

Vin joins Dr Rock to discuss and expand upon some of the points raised in last week’s conversation with Dave Eden about the Community Press Group. In an extensive chat we touch on public liability insurance, evictions, journalism, fictional entities, laws and legislation, contracts, oaths and offices, money, breach of trust, duty of care and confidentiality, and the king’s writ.

03 Oct 2013

Dave Eden talks about his years as a Metropolitan policeman, his subsequent research and about plans for the recently formed Community Press Group. The CPG aims to train and inform an association of independent journalists, and to promote community involvement in collecting, recording and publishing news.The Community Press Group's Neil Foster also joins the conversation.

'Unity creates strength, resilience and an opportunity to identify and capitalise, at a national level, on the shared successes, experiences and methodologies of your peers. Our overall mission is to remove the ‘s’ from the word communities and work towards the recognition that we are all one community facing the identical holistic consequences of global socio-political and geo-engineering activities'. CommunityPressGroup

The podcast begins with a tune from Smiling Ivy

26 Sep 2013

Live conversation between Dr Rock and Gary Evans. Gary works closely with Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, and the Dr has been keen to chat since seeing his first tent-filling public presentation ‘Evidence for Atlantis’. Gary’s most recent talks, 'Natural Technologies of the Ancient World’ and ‘Moving from the Rational Mind to the Intuitive Mind’, were part of this year’s TruthJuice Gathering where he was also one of the guides on a megalithic mini-tour taking in Woodhenge and Stonehenge. A fascinating discussion of subjects close to the heart of Dr Rock’s Radio Show.

Music included in this pod: Needs Must (When the Devil Drives) from Dexter Dextrous and Co, What you Gonna Do With My Heart from Kidnap Alice, and Sons and Daughters (of Robin Hood) from Damh the Bard

19 Sep 2013

Originally broadcast live from the first night of the TribaLove Cooperative’s 2013 Unity Earthdance, Dr Rock and MSI’s Sean Maguire talk with geomancer Shaun Kirwan and John Witterick, co-host of Avalon Rising and founder of

Shaun discusses geomancy, the uses and challenges of dowsing, and the friendly, approachable, child-like and easily-dowsed beings known as elementals. Jon talks about spiritual economics, and the origins and development of his popular and useful website.

The pod comes to an untimely end as the battery-powered internet link unexpectedly ran out of energy. The conversation with Jon continues on Sean's MSI show Out of the Bag broadcast on his return from the Earthdance to Ireland. The podcast for this show can be found here.

Shaun Kirwan's website is

04 Sep 2013

Mark Windows of in conversation with d.r. about the corporate takeover of Albion: council tax, council fraud and the single person discount validation scam, uncourtly courts, climate camp, agenda 21, and along the way much more besides.

This pod opens with Best Days from Land of the Giants, and includes No Tax for War from Litmus, and Mark Windows own Abduction at Junction 5

29 Aug 2013

This small tour of the suspicious mind of TruthJuice Dave touches on some deeply distasteful Bills currently working their way through the House of Lies including, amongst others, the return of national service, the introduction of Margaret Thatcher Day and legislation to enable the appointment of a Prime Minister without an alleged election should the perceived need arise. Dave proposes for consideration a possible solution to the challenge of Vehicle License Duty, and some thoughts on recent apostolic letters.

The pod concludes with That's Life from Dexter Dextrous and Co

29 Aug 2013

A recorded conversation with Robyne of the FreeStonehenge Campaign which includes a fair bit of grass roots news from the sacred heart of this green and pleasant land … private owners, misleading managers, unreliable charities and far from pleasing plans are, it seems, just part of the story.

Music includes Smiling Ivy's Gagging Order, My Land from Bobby Birdi and I'd Rather Be Ramblin' from Andy Hickie and the Merry Maidens

22 Aug 2013

The Dr and Vicky talk about TruthJuice, Bilderberg Fringe, the Tribal Love Cooperative and Unity gatherings.

Recorded at the first night of the TruthJuice Gathering 2013.

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