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08 Feb 2019

Narcissists can make a good initial impression but overestimate their own competencies whilst putting others down. They like to impress and will distort the truth or lie outright, manipulate opinions, steal ideas and change position to establish their own superiority. This is frequently done at the expense of others.

In this show Roger Walker joins the dr to discuss what narcissists want and how we can identify them. Also offered are some suggestions for defence against their hard-to-resist predations.

29 Jun 2017

The publication in 2009 of Uncivilisation – The Dark Mountain Manifesto was the starting point for what would become a literary journal presenting anthologies of work in which artists respond to the darker shades of human activity. With twelve such collections published, and a thirteenth due in April, there is now a wealth of material from around the world presenting philosophical perspectives on, and personal responses to, our many challenges.

In this podcast, the third of Dr Rock's 2017 Summer Season, Dougie Strang, Nick Hunt and Ava Osbiston discuss the origins of Dark Mountain, its aims and ideas, and the processes by which such a diversity of pictures, prose and poems become, in themselves, coherent works of art. The Project aims to explore uncertainty, ask questions considered only reluctantly elsewhere, and dig beneath the glittering surface of man's achievements.

After years of largely ineffective activism and protest, many believe that a wider knowledge of the actualities of civilisation, more people knowing more, is inadequate to our needs. There is a quiet space between hope and despair in which artistic endeavour may explore what is missing. With a substantial, varied and growing cadre of contributors, The Dark Mountain Project is just such an endeavour.

The image is from an amazing collection of shadow photography at Clever stuff.

27 Apr 2017

Dr Rock considers the Arwain LEADER Programme which is running in every county in Cymru and claims to use local knowledge 'to promote a joined-up 'Grass-Roots' community-led delivery of rural development.'

It would appear that 'rural development', in this case, means 'adding value to (for which read making money from) local identity and natural and cultural resources ... facilitating pre-commercial development, business partnerships and short supply chains … exploring new ways of providing non-statutory local services … and exploiting digital technology.' The change agents are amongst us with weasel words, strange aims and far from grass-roots attitudes.

Also this week … A Truthstream Media youtube in which United Airlines invite federal policy enforcement officers to assault and bloody a paying passenger; the holographic universe and a return to the dreamtime; Housing Crisis, by Will Watson, a short reading from the Dark Mountain Project literary journal ... and news from the potting shed.

16 Mar 2017

Stella Berg discusses links between feminism, satanism and the distortion of innate human drives through a deliberately engineered program that is suppressing all that's been natural to animals and intelligent humans for so long. In place of such drives emphasis is placed on primitive, crude and destructive instincts. Science, philosophy and religion have deconstructed the roles of people and pushed mankind's relationship with god, the planet and the social order onto a destructive path. The destruction of family and clan has been facilitated by stripping people of land, neighbours, traditions, kinships and resources.

Satan, satanism and satanists are the opposers of what might be called 'christ consciousness', of beauty and truth. They take no account of anyone else from the beginning to the end of the day, and this gives rise to vindictiveness, misunderstanding and alienation from all that it is to be truly human.

23 Feb 2017

Elspeth Parris discusses her search for people and structures that share her passion for social justice and support for the poor. Accountant, writer and researcher, Elspeth spent time with the Anglican Church, with activist groups and is now seeking solutions through the political process by standing as a local councillor. She has also extensively researched several hundred years of the history of land tenure and the poor.

16 Feb 2017

As the latest wave of change rages through the system that nominally supports society's most disadvantaged, it is clear that the system, for which people vote and pay, is victimising those who are least equipped to either de-fend, or fend for, themselves.

The enforcement of rules and regulations makes sick people more sick, stresses the manifestly distressed, and further deprives the already impoverished. None of us have the ability to use more than a small portion of that which we generate, but it seems to be true that from those who have least, shall ever more be taken.

As the DWP and its corporate associates cut lifelines, David Cameron's National Citizens' Service enjoys a budget of £129 billion, as yet 'uncontrolled costs', and puts no food on the table. The NCS aims to foster 'social cohesion' and provide a 'rite of passage' for all 16 and 17 year olds, in order that they may 'learn skills that employers value, learn to budget and live for themselves, and get their voice heard.' The associated NCSTrust is a 'not-for-profit social enterprise established to shape, support, champion and lead, a thriving National Citizen Service'. In call-me-Dave's Big Society the social becomes Capital, and all in the name of Good Finance

Also in this podcast : on thought-provoking musings from Simon Spaniard's WhiteRabbitTrust youtube channel The King and I : Donor and Agent of the Power of Attorney

09 Feb 2017

Farming, stewardship, wildlife preservation and forestry management have all played their part in removing almost all plant and animal life from the Cambrian Mountains save for endless swathes of 'improved grass' and the sheep that graze them. Insects, birds, mammals, hedges and trees, have either been vanquished or are under severe 'environmental' pressure.

People are no more welcome on the land than are the native flora and fauna.

The men and women who once sustained local ecology, the farms in which they dwelt, the springs once-used and the varied harvest of nature's bounty are, likewise, lost from the land: a land to which we all were born.

In the place of the unbounded wealth of direct access to primary product, there is now poverty, false currency, subsidy, and patronage.

It doesn't have to be like this.

26 Jan 2017

Stella Berg – homoeopath, radical herbalist and land rights activist - joins Dr Rock with some thoughts about the over-driven, under-funded, debt-ridden and often poorly-informed Not Healthy Service. The original nhs was loved, respected and admired by patients and practitioners alike but has become a parody of itself and little more than a privatised retail arm of the pharmaceutical industry.

We discuss existing training regimes and outcomes, death and remission, and a way forward for the health and wholeness of the men and women of these islands which is both new and ancient.

19 Jan 2017

In July 2016 Ray Hall was in what passed for a court in Eire defending a possession order with the passive help and support of his friend Paul Cotty. In the first part of the pod we hear that Paul is removed without reason or provocation from the court and, eventually, imprisoned and that, as a consequence, Ray's business in the court is itself critically undermined.

We hear of the usefulness of simple questions - are you addressing me? Is it civil or criminal? Who are you? Can you show me a lawful warrant? - and, later in the podcast, about the habeas corpus that secured Paul's release, and the subsequent visit of a number of armed men to the dwelling of the family Cotty. A revealing tale of our times and a truly ripping yarn.

Paul and Ray both broadcast regular internet chat radio on and contribute to CoupD'

15 Dec 2016

Three guests talk about food, land and community in Bristol. Steph Wetherell of tells how her experiences of locally grown food led to a project which aims to supply local food producers with a ready market and a fair price for their surplus produce, and local people with dairy, meat and vegetables whose source is known.

Humphrey Lloyd of speaks about his one-acre salad growing project, and about his film, In Our Hands, which documents a global movement to re-establish life in the soil, fair wages for the farmer and flavour to the tomato.

Finally, Ben Richie talks of his work with the Bristol Housing Action Movement, and how approaches to alternative housing in Bristol have changed since the introduction of section 144 of the Legal Aid, Punishment and Sentencing of Offenders Act.

This podcast also includes a pair of excellent tunes from Night Hours, recently released by Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith, The Ballad of Yorkley Court and Night Hours , and Feeding the Machine from Litmus over at

08 Dec 2016

The legacy media is accusing open source citizen journalists of fraudulent reporting particularly with regard to a small pizza joint in Washington DC. Whilst failing to specify where the fraud or inaccuracy lies, these same corrupt establishment outlets are at best obfuscating, and more typically ignoring or even denying, otherwise well-documented and historically persistent reports of the organised trafficking and abuse of children. This widespread business is by all accounts extremely lucrative but jack suggests that we need to dig deeper if we wish to find reasons that lie beyond money for such unconscionable behaviour.

In time, by way of levity, balance and tradition, jack and the good doctor meander into cosmology and an idea that the entirety of the material demesne springs from immaterial mind. Now, there's a thought!

Careful use of the searchbox (above) will reveal, chained in the surgery archive, other wide-ranging conversations with the remarkable freemanjack. Also jack's youtube channel features a most edutaining variety of informed videos and playlists.

24 Nov 2016

Paul Cotty returns to the show to talk of contracts, of courts, and of experiences that led to his interest in such matters. It is not widely known that most of our everyday dealings with perceived authorities are governed by contracts. Cotty suggests that a practical understanding of this fact can help men and women to protect their own interests whilst holding authorities and service-providers to account.

10 Nov 2016

Stella Berg discusses some of the many illusions being cast by society, the fear and coercion on which they are based, and some means by which individuals can quietly and effectively address these challenges.

03 Nov 2016

Dr Rock is joined by Roger Walker to talk about corporate communications that coerce men and women to comply with commercial protocols. In all such circumstances a contract is required; in many such circumstances there is no contract. From insurance to Council Tax, we discuss the correct form of notices to require proof and verification of any contract that may exist.

27 Oct 2016

Synchro joins Dr Rock for a seasonal discussion about easy access to, and the many health benefits of, apples, apple juice, cider, and apple cider vinegar. The conversation also covers some of the many benefits of dealing with apples in a community context.

Towards the end of the show Synchro and the Dr. read some short extracts from Sandor Ellis Katz's excellent book Wild Fermentation which champions social fermentation to inspire movements for change, and resisting the commodification of culture.

The slide-show that accompanies the podcast can be found here.

20 Oct 2016

Christopher Deogee suggests that men and women in the West have been enchanted by language, custom and habit, separated from the natural system of which they are a part. Through the proper apprehension and re-appropriation of language and symbol we have it in our power to take charge, increase our capacity for change and re-claim our ability to recognise, and act on, our own informed decisions.

13 Oct 2016

'When a letter comes through the door relating to a fiction and addressed to a Mr. or a Mrs., somebody is procuring another to be framed into subornation of perjury which then leads to fraud. And fraud is a crime'

Dr Rock chats with Thomas who has been reading the Authorised Version of the Bible and using Black's 4th to discover the meaning of the words used. Thomas has reached many interesting conclusions, tested some of these conclusions in court and hosts regular groups to study law and the Bible.

15 Sep 2016

Synchro introduces and discusses a slide show of photographs from her recent walking trip to Bolivia and Peru. Awesome landscapes, ancient building techniques, flourishing markets, peaceful communities, mama coca, and plenty of llamas.

The slides that accompany the show can be found here

A version of this podcast that includes the music played is available here

01 Sep 2016

Sandra Fecht joins Dr Rock to discuss her thirty years experience helping those who have been subjected to satanic ritual abuse, and the protocols she has developed for calming minds and removing symptoms. Sandra brings a substantial and measured authority to this deepest, darkest and most widespread aspect of human experience. We talk openly and frankly of a subject the very existence of which is systematically denied by the syndicated mainstream media, by most of the therapeutic community and by the judicial system.

A version of this podcast that includes the music played is available here

18 Aug 2016

Cancer Act of 1939: 'The Act's most notable provision is a clause prohibiting taking any part in publication of advertisements that "offer to treat any person for cancer, or to prescribe any remedy therefore, or to give any advice in connection with the treatment thereof”. The expression "advertisement" includes any notice, circular, label, wrapper or other document, and any announcement made orally or by any means of producing or transmitting sounds.' (wiki)

Dr Rock and Unique Lee discuss the practical use of natural remedies to encourage and support the re-mission of cancer, and news that representatives of the dwp believe they can invite themselves to a private dwelling, ask impertinent questions, impose environmental regulation and generally disturb the peace.

A version of this podcast that includes the music played is available here

11 Aug 2016

The great going away of buildings, a fake beatle, biometric surveillance in schools, and an all round failure to educate and inform on subjects that matter. Cockup or conspiracy?

06 Aug 2016

Pippa King updates us on her research into the impact that surveillance and biometrics are having in primary and secondary schools; Alex and Katie talk about their Hemp Redemption Project and their band, Mobius Loop; Adrian Gilbert discusses his presentation on The Pyramids and the Stone of the Pharaohs; and Christopher Deogee talks of words, spells and a return to indigenous mind.

A version of this podcast that includes the music played is available here.

04 Aug 2016

Live conversation from the Thursday night of the Harlequin Fayre: Sarah Partridge tells us about the courses in traditional and natural building at the Orchard Barn Project in Suffolk. The project is supported by volunteers and local peoples and aims to learn from the past how to build a greener future for a healthier environment. Also Nick Kollerstrom discusses his presentation 'Star Wars and 911 – a parable of our time?' and his recent book 'The Life and Death of Paul McCartney 1942-1966'.

A version of this podcast that includes the music played is available here.

29 Jul 2016

Live conversation from Saturday night of this year's Conscious Tribal Gathering. Dr Rock is rejoined by Pete Howard and his compadre, Cookie, for further discussion of their weekly Youtube Reality Chat: Nick returns to update us on the progress of his PhD investigations into the journey of the truth-seeker and those contemporary myths known commonly as 'conspiracy theories'; Louise Somerville Williams, founder member of Frack Free Somerset and No Geo Nuke Dumping, joins us later in the show and encourages a round-table discussion of the practical meaning of non-compliance.

A version of this podcast that includes the music played is available here.

28 Jul 2016

Live conversation from Thursday Night of this year's Conscious Tribal Gathering. Synchro speaks of pilgrimage, labyrinths and her recent trip to Bolivia; Dark Wolf discusses the new nuclear power station in Somerset; Sukh, a truthjuice veteran, on awakening the world; Jamie, whose Cafe V is cooking for the gathering, chats about event-catering and the rapidly increasing popularity of a meat- and dairy-free diet; and finally Pete Howard appears briefly to speak of his weekly youtube show called Reality Chat

A version of this podcast that includes the music played is available here

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